OPTO is your partner for financial freedom on the road. Our framework allows us to offer the most advantageous pricing on the market. 

Fast payment in < 48h 

Payment in 5 – 7 days 

Cost starting at 0.9 %

No fees

No credit limit

No contracts

Our service is available in most EU countries. Please note that our rates are indicative and depend on interest rates in the market. Your specific rates may vary. 

A pricing plan the environment will thank you for

Plus, each time you choose OPTO for your financing needs, you’re not just enhancing your cash flow; you’re also contributing positively to the environment.

We take pride in assisting you in offsetting 10 tonnes of carbon emissions in accordance with EU sustainability regulations when your financing reaches the threshold of 10,000 EUR. With OPTO as your partner in sustainable trucking operations, for every 1,000 EUR of financing, you can offset 1,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

Partner with OPTO

Are you a freight forwarder or logistics partner looking to offer the best financing solution to your carriers? partnering with OPTO. By collaborating with us, you can provide your carriers with:

Financial stability

Affordable 100% invoice financing

Opportunities to grow their fleets

OPTO has helped forwarders and carriers alike and is backed by DB Schenker.

Empower Your Carriers

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