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OPTO, founded in early 2023, is poised to disrupt the logistics finance industry with our cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. We’ve identified a critical need in the market and have set out to redefine how carriers manage their cash flow.

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Invest in OPTO and be part of a fintech revolution that’s transforming logistics finance across Europe. Our AI-backed solutions are changing the game, and the future is bright.

Revolutionizing Logistics
Finance with AI

Our Core Offering

In V1 of our product, we introduced two game-changing services:

100% Invoicing Financing

We advance 100% of the owed money to carriers within 24-48 hours, providing them with the financial freedom they need

Dashboard Oversight

Our platform offers complete transparency and oversight of invoices and collections, streamlining the entire process.

The Evolution: V2 of OPTO

With our V2 product, we’re taking simplicity to the next level. Our AI model, “Smart Factoring,” consolidates the invoicing process into a single click. No more cumbersome steps.

Carriers can simply send their invoices.
When they need cash, they tell our AI the amount.
Our AI compiles the bundle, sends a financing quote, factors the invoices, and transfers the funds – all within minutes.

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