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Whether you manage one truck or 1000, we'll simplify how you manage your business with one simple service for all your financial needs - from factoring to fuel discounts, to banking and expenses.

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You won’t need any other banking provider!

Your all-in-one banking service

Secure Banking

Receive a German IBAN account. You get instant access to early income.

Smart business card

Use Opto cards everywhere.
Cash back of up to 1.5% on fuel and all purchases.

Best-in-class factoring

No maximum credit limits.
Get paid in hours.

Rates starts at 0.5%.

Expense control

See where every cent goes.

Receive spend reports and secure your expenses.

Payment in 48h, no credit limit

How OPTO Factoring is different from competition

Traditional factoring

Payment in 5 - 7 days​

No transparent costs

Minimum payable fees

Low credit limits

Annual contracts

Payment in 5 - 7 days​

Limited countries


Fast payment in 48h

Cost starting at 0.5%

No fees

No credit limits

No contracts

In all EU countries

Everything you need in one platform

Additional benefits of using our free all-in-one fleet financing platform

You will control all your invoices and expenses

You will see your company overview on one screen

You will heavily reduce your administrative cost

The more you spend, the more you save!

How OPTO Card is different from competition

Traditional cards

Only works at fuel stations part of the network

Credit assessment and bank guarantees required

4+ weeks issuance

Hidden fees

Misleading discounts

Limited countries


Accepted at all fuel stations and for all business payments

No bank guarantees and complex processes

4 days issuance

No fees at all

Cashback up to 1.5%

Free card

Get onboarded in 20 minutes


Video identification

Account opened

Receive OPTO card


Get onboarded in 20 minutes


Video identification

Account opened

Receive OPTO card


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Frequently asked questions​

OPTO is a financial platform that helps companies operating vehicle fleets to untrap their cash, improve their finances, secure their expenses and simplify their accounting

Any company with one or more vehicles: company vehicles, vans, HGVs, buses, etc. Whether you are a transporter, ambulance driver, removal firm, driving school manager, public transport driver, building contractor, etc., the Piana card has been designed for you.

The OPTO card is accepted at all gas stations in Europe, regardless of the distributor or store. Our cards allow you to avoid detours to a specific store and reduce fuel consumption

No. Unlike traditional factoring companies, we do not take any collateral. This allows us to finance the entire invoice

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